Monday, April 7, 2008

Will's First Birthday Party

We had a party for Will with family in Roanoke. We all had a great time!

Aunt B and Uncle Steve brought Will's presents over since Aunt B had to go to work and would miss the party. Will loves his new guitar and tool set!

Will and Uncle Steve are playing "Where is Will?" with his new shirt. This is one of his favorite games and will start playing it on his own! (Will, not Steve!)

Will liked the cake. He did not understand blowing out the candle, but did try to pull the lit candle from the cake!

Will and Olivia playing with his new train. He loves this toy! So do I.

Happy Birthday Will. It is quite hard to believe that it has been a year. The things you have learned and achieved this year have been such a joy to watch. My little man - I love you.


Beth Simmons said...

Yeah for the blog update!! I'm sorry I had to miss the fun, but it looks like Will had a great birthday. We love you Will:)

Andrew, Naomi and Madeline said...

Sorry we couldn't make it to his party. It looks like he had a lot of fun! And yeah for the updates! :)