Monday, April 7, 2008

Will's First Birthday Party

We had a party for Will with family in Roanoke. We all had a great time!

Aunt B and Uncle Steve brought Will's presents over since Aunt B had to go to work and would miss the party. Will loves his new guitar and tool set!

Will and Uncle Steve are playing "Where is Will?" with his new shirt. This is one of his favorite games and will start playing it on his own! (Will, not Steve!)

Will liked the cake. He did not understand blowing out the candle, but did try to pull the lit candle from the cake!

Will and Olivia playing with his new train. He loves this toy! So do I.

Happy Birthday Will. It is quite hard to believe that it has been a year. The things you have learned and achieved this year have been such a joy to watch. My little man - I love you.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Will is 9 months old.

Will and Abby had pictures taken for Will's 9 month pictures. They had a fun time and we did get some great pictures!!!!! The last one is my favorite!!!!! He is so big and walking well now. It is hard to keep up with him!

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Halloween Day

Here are some pictures from daycare on Halloween at Tiffy's and at home.

Will wants to move soooooo bad.....

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

We were Booed!!!!

Abby, Will & I came home to find a treat at our door! We were "Booed"! Apparently it is a tradition in the neighborhood to leave a treat at someone's door.

Well, Abby found the cake mix and icing with sprinkles, so we had to make cupcakes. And she helped! The mix is supposed to yield 24 cupcakes. After Abby mixed and then filled the cups, we only had about 15! More ended up on the table and the cake pan than in the cups I believe!!! And of course, she got to lick the bowl!

She was ready to sample her work! And she did, she licked almost all the icing off her cupcake! So, for future reference, the cupcake is a means to the icing!!!!

We ended up sending 10 cupcakes down to our friend Mary's house for her children to have. (By the way, they were the ones that booed us! She said that her kids insisted on Boo-ing Abby.)

Family time....

This is Abby & Will with James. James is 4 months younger than Abby. He is the son of Bobby & Ranelle Simmons (Bobby is my nephew).

James is eyeballing Will!

Abby has some one-on-one time with Uncle Teves. They are working a puzzle. Abby adores Steve!!!! (or knows he adores her)
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Naomi's Baby Shower

This is Naomi, my niece. She is due on December 3rd with little Madeline Ann. We can't wait to meet her!!!! I guess that makes her my great-niece. Boy, does that make me feel old!!! I used to babysit Naomi when she was little.

Abby decided that she had to try out some of Madeline's gifts. She was ready to nap with a quilt and stuffed bunny.

These are the grandmothers with Naomi.

Will has found a girlfriend I think!!! Either Will was trying to kiss her or eat her face. Katherine is the little girl of one of Naomi's friends.

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Will's Presidential Greetings

Welcome! We are delighted to join your family in celebrating
your arrival. You have already brought much happiness to
those around you, and you've just gotten started!
We are glad you are now part of the wonderful American
story. Our Nation holds great opportunities for you. May
you make the most of your unique gifts, and may happiness
and love surround you always.
George Bush Laura Bush

Will's new toy!!!!

Will has a new toy! He loved the jumper at daycare so much that I had to get him one for at home. Plus, he kept jumping whenever I held him. He has a lot of fun and gets great exercise. Plus he is fun to watch too!!!

For your entertainment!!!

Abby is too funny!!!

Abby is growing up and always comes up with something funny! Not long ago, early in the morning, we were on our way to Tiffy's Daycare. I had to stop for gas and after we were done we drove past Arby's. Out of the blue, Abby decided she was hungry and said, "No mama, go back. Abby hungry. Turn round." So, being the ever loving mother to my little girl, I turned around and we went through the drive-thru. When I asked her what she wanted, she said, "che-burger." It was 9 a.m., she got a sausage biscuit.

I was getting Abby ready for bed after her bath one night and had on this t-shirt. (MASH is one of the best tv shows ever, by the way!) Abby was all bouncy and busy, then she stopped abruptly and stared at my t-shirt. She seemed very concerned and said, "Mama, ABC broken." Now, every time I wear it, she says that. It is amazing how she thinks as she gets older - and smarter!!!

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Will is 6 months old!!!!

Will turned 6 months old on October 7. WOW!!!! He was able to sit up on his own the week before his birthday! This is Abby and Will on his birthday! Abby loves her little brother!!!

Will at 6 months old. At his 6 month well child check he was 28 inches long and weighed 17 lbs 13 -1/2 oz. He was 50th percentile on weight and 90th percentile in height. (Interpret that to mean that he is the perfect weight and really tall for his age.)

Will loves bath time anyway, but now that he can sit up in the big tub, he loves it!!!!! The first time I let him sit up alone he splashed with both hands forever. There was water everywhere!! Now he and Abby can play together in the water. She even helps bathe him. Although I think she could do without rinsing his hair quite so many times.